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Thoughts on Chelsea Settles show on MTV

First of all I will start by explaining the joy and excitement I felt when I seen the preview several weeks before the premiere. When I saw that there was a girl wanting to move to Los Angeles and work in fashion I was so excited, then I saw her… I had a great joy in my heart, here is this big girl with dreams, struggling with her weight and what she wants to do with her life and I fell i love. I felt a great connection with her because for many years I’ve wanted to move to Los Angeles and work in fashion. I never tell anyone that because I’ve never been truly comfortable with myself. I love fashion, Chelsea loves Kim Kardashian; Khloe Kardashian is my favorite but I love Kim and Kourtney too (and Robert, Kendal, and Kylie). But fashion has always been something I enjoy! I reading about fashion, watch TV shows about it (shout out to Stacey & Clinton on What Not To Wear), I love to shop. One of my problems has always been buying clothes and never wearing them. I live in this small country town where the girls wear sandals and dirty boots. I feel out of place with my big purses and high heels… I know I need to be comfortable with my own style, but it’s easier said than done… Maybe this blog will help me in finding comfort in myself regardless of the outside world. I thought it was ironic that Chelsea joined the gym in her show because I just joined and I’m motivated for the journey. The Chelsea Settles show is going to give hope to many girls dealing with issues like her, because I’ve been truly inspired and only one episode has aired. I’m not going to give up on my dream of moving (or at least visiting) Los Angeles because I just need to have that experience. As of now I’m in college and planning to get my nursing degree so I can get a good job in order to afford all my hopes and dreams. So BIG THANKS to MTV for the Chelsea Settles show because I know her journey will be inspiring to many people, and if not I would like you to know it is inspiring to me.

— Shantela Williams

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